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TechPulley Racing Set XMAX

RM 1,181.00 MYR
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  • High-Performance Racing Roller 
  • Better Top Response 
  • Good Torque Response
  • 18% Rpm Spring Pressure
  • Racing Clutch Base Spring Setting 15kg + 20kg  Extra ( 8.5kg Spring )
  • Blue Small Spring (8.5 kg)  Front Speed Response
  • Black Spring (15 kg) Open In 4500 RPM
  • Yellow Spring (20 kg) Open In 6500 RPM
  • Green Big Spring Long (45 kg) Speed 120 Will Push Up Speed


  • Body: Redesign clutch body to optimize the structure & rigidity to make it more convenient to install, disassembling and adjustment
  • CS/PS: Easily to determine the rev of full release, half clutch, and clutch-in timing by tuning the clutch spring (CS) and pillow spring (PS) to fit in different conditions (such as economy, heavy-duty and sporty) which brings more fun and riding experiences to the riders
  • Push Pin: The push pin gives the clutch shoes more forward force to the clutch bell. It increases the friction on the clutch bell. It increases heat exhaustion, vibration, and fuel consumption.
  • Clutch Shoes: Lightening the clutch shoes to get a better engine response and move the center of gravity forward to enhance the effective inertia.
  • TouchPoint: Redesign the touchpoint. Hit by the torque of the engine to improve the acceleration performance and engine response. 
  • Clutch Shoe Pad: Two pieces of clutch shoe pads reduce the heat accumulation on pads and increase the touchpoint to the clutch bell. It balances the interactive force between pads and the bell increases the reliability.


  • High-Performance Racing Roller
  • Better Top Response 
  • Good Torque Response 


  • Quicker response compared with the standard torque spring.
  • 18% RPM Spring Pressure
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